Aromatherapy Oils

What’s in a name?

Don’t confuse aromatherapy oils with essential oils and especially don’t be lured by the price difference. Oils that are marketed as aromatherapy oils and not essential oils are typically priced much cheaper. There is a reason for this: aromatherapy oils that are not a pure essential oil are a blend of the oil listed on the label with a carrier oil, yet only contain a small percentage of the oil listed, often as little as 2%. If you are looking for the healing benefits and powers of essential oils you will not get them by buying aromatherapy oils.

This can be confusing because many essential oils are also used for aromatherapy. The difference is in the name. If the bottle says aromatherapy oil, check the label first for the concentration of essential oil in the product. You are not only not getting the benefits of the essential oil listed in the ingredients you are not getting a bargain, even if the product is inexpensive.

Stick with buying pure essential oils and add to your own carrier oil for both the healing benefits and, in the long run, a less expensive adjunct to your health and wellbeing.





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