Aromatherapy supplies

Suppose you want to make an aromatherapy gift basket or aromatherapy kit for someone you love and appreciate and are looking for some ideas and where to buy your aromatherapy supplies.

For starters, the ideal gift basket is going to have a few bottles of essential oils. Which oils should you buy for your aromatherapy gift basket? If you are gifting an aromatherapy newbie, how about starting with some fundamental oils that have numerous uses and mix well with others. Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Sweet Orange oil and Peppermint oil are great oils for anyone just getting started.

If you are making an aromatherapy kit to gift as a luxurious spa treatment try Lavender oil, Ylang Ylang oil, and Bergamot oil. These oils are great for the skin and have relaxing properties as well.

Complete your kit or gift basket with some plush wash cloths, healing clay like bentonite or rhassoul and a sugar or salt scrub made from your own essential oils. Top it off with a relaxing CD or music gift card and a soy-based candle and you have an envy worthy aromatherapy gift! You may even want to gift yourself while you are at it!

Buy your aromatherapy supplies from a trusted supplier that sells pure oils from known sources. A company like DoTERRA that follows its product from start to finish is a great place to start. Bluedotoils is a supplier of DoTERRA oils.