Lemon Oil

Scientific Name: Citrus limon

Origin: Unknown but thought to have originated in northern India, Burma or China. From there it is thought to have entered Europe through Italy, Persia, and Egypt.

Uses: Its cleansing and purifying properties are what lemon oil is mostly known for but open a bottle and take a whiff and it smells like sunshine in a bottle. It has great energizing and uplifting qualities as well. Lemon oil is one of those oils that should not be used directly on bare skin without first being diluted in a carrier oil. It can be taken internally, diffused, used in skin care products and in cleaning solutions.

Suggested Usage: Add several drops to your unscented or citrus scented hand soap for a lemony and antimicrobial boost. Make your own cleaning spray with water, white vinegar, and lemon oil. This spray is virtually universal and can be used in the kitchen, bath, and as a dusting spray.

Laundry hack: Do you tend to forget loads of laundry in the washer only to come back later and find them smelling sour and in need of a second wash? Add a few drops of lemon oil to your detergent before adding it to the washer. This helps prevent that sour smell and the need for to rewash already clean clothes!

Caution: Make sure you are purchasing pure lemon essential oil. There are products out there for cleaning and polishing furniture that are not meant for human consumption or use. Only lemon essential oil is to be used in the ways highlighted here.