Lemongrass Oil

Scientific Name:  Cymbopogon

Origin:  Asia, Africa, Australia

Uses:  Citrusy yet earthy, Lemongrass oil has a wide variety of uses from cooking to sore muscles to digestive issues. It contains many of the B vitamins and trace minerals as well. Unlike some of the more pungent oils, Lemongrass oil is not overpowering and makes a lovely addition to baked goods and is essential in Thai cooking.

Suggested Usage: The geraniol and citral compounds found in the oil are known insect repellents. As a result, this oil makes a great and safe addition to a DIY insect repellent or flea spray. Add a few drops to your lotion after you shower for an uplifting balancing effect. Tummy troubles? Make a soothing cup of tummy tea by adding a few drops of Lemongrass oil.