Myrrh Oil

Scientific Name: Commiphora myrrha

Origin: Africa, Middle East

Uses: Myrrh is a resin from a tree that is botanically related to Frankincense. The smoky scented resin can range from bitter to sweet. It has long been used for its calming and grounding qualities. It also boasts beneficial effects on the liver. Myrrh oil has anti-aging properties.

Suggested Usage: Make your own anti-aging makeup remover. Use one-quarter of a cup of coconut oil as a carrier oil and add myrrh oil, frankincense oil, rose hip oil and carrot seed oil, which is high in retinol which helps skin regeneration. Mix together and store in a jar with a lid. Use cotton tipped swabs or cotton balls and gently wipe away makeup leaving the oil in place. The oil effectively removes the make-up and the layer of oil left behind will help clean skin and keep it moisturized through the night.