Organic Essential Oils

If you are looking for organic essential oils and want to know if the oils we sell are organic, the quick answer is no. But before you go anywhere, you should know that doTERRA® essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® also known as CPTG. So what does this mean? It means our oils go through an analysis process that tests them for the presence of chemical residue, which is exactly what we are wanting to avoid when we buy organic. This analysis looks for the presence of impurities like herbicides, pesticides, solvents, and extenders which increase the volume of the oil but dilute the purity.

Because the certification to be organic varies so much from location to location, it is not possible to claim the oils are organic and we would not want to claim our oils are anything that they are not. However, you can rest assured that the CPTG process is rigorous and go beyond the certification of organic.

So to answer your question, are our oils organic? No, they are better!

If you are looking for pure organic essential oils you will find that our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils are just what you are searching for.