Sandalwood Essential Oil

Scientific Name:  Indian Santalum Album

Origin:  Southwest Asia, India, Australia, Hawaii and other Pacific islands

Uses: Because of its pleasant scent sandalwood essential oil is used primarily in fragrances, but therapeutic benefits include the reduction of the appearance of scars and skin imperfections, promoting smooth skin and mood alteration. Sandalwood has the ability to promote calm without causing drowsiness yet sharpen mental focus and improve memory as well. It is also known to increase libido and improve energy levels.

Suggested Usage: Warm, exotic, rich, sweet, woodsy. These are just a few of the descriptive words used to describe the scent of sandalwood oil. Sandalwood used as a base note has a grounding effect for any blend it is added to. Sandalwood essential oil really is an essential ingredient in a massage oil blend. Combine it with a middle note like cardamom or geranium and a high note like frankincense or neroli for a well-balanced blend. Or, you could use a drop in your shampoo for a morning boost plus added shine.